Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Job Closed


This company is a nonprofit network of clinics providing treatment for behavioral issues, addictions, psychiatric conditions, autism and other chronic health conditions. They treat chronic lifelong issues as well as temporary conditions triggered by traumatic life events. Their programs are tailored to people of all ages and every social, cultural and economic situation.


Top Reasons to Love This Job: 1. This is the largest behavioral health provider in Utah, employing the most skilled providers in the marketplace. 2. No on-call or weekends! 3. A complete benefits package, including relocation, tuition assistance, and student loan repayment (negotiable) Top Must Haves for This Job: 1 Masters (preferred) or Bachelors Degree in Health Education and Promotion, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) or Population Health or a related field 2. A strong passion for helping to encourage and motivate others in order to help them achieve their personal goals...and the tenacity to remain optimistic with those who are more resistant to change. 3. Experienced with and comfortable with having emotional conversations 4. Must have a good understanding of how to change human behavior 5. Some experience in behavioral health or a medical facility is preferred Tell Me About This Job: The Wellness and Lifestyle Coach will be essential in identifying the high-risk clients and collaboratively creating care plans to help improve their overall mental and physical health. The idea is to have someone dedicated to personally assist our patients with identifying their health goals, create an achievable action plan and work with them through every step of the process! If you strive for excellence, service, ambition & fun... we want to speak with you! We believe that your personality is as important as your experience and qualifications so when we do have the opportunity to speak together, be authentic, be genuine, be YOU.