Registered Nurse (RN)

Elmore, AL 36025

job closed


*Reward paid upon hire of your candidate according to our Recruiting Agreement Policy. The reward for this particular job position is a percentage of the actual, negotiated first-year salary and may vary slightly from amount above. Job Title: Registered Nurse The Highlights: - Opportunity to work in a safe and structured environment with an underserved, ambulatory patient population, while utilizing your full gamut of nursing skills. - Specialized field that encompasses ambulatory care, health education, urgent, infirmary care, and specialty clinics for patients with chronic conditions - Limited family interactions allows our nurses the ability to provide services and health education to patients without outside interference. - Use and enhance your clinical skills, while experiencing unparalleled autonomy as part of a multi-disciplinary team, while gaining vast experience in many areas of healthcare not available in traditional settings. Necessary Qualifications: - Graduate from a Licensed Practical Nursing program - Currently licensed as a Practical Nurse in the state of employment - Possess an active CPR certification Schedule: Full-time All Shifts Open: (Day- 6:30am-3pm; Evening- 2:30pm-11pm; Night- 10:30pm-7am) Job Description: A correctional healthcare Registered Nurse (RN) will provide care through a variety of healthcare processes. Those key processes include: Intake Physical Assessments, Sick Call, Medication Administration, Emergency Care/Response, Chronic Care, Infirmary Care, Infection Prevention, Training, Staff and Patient Education, Segregation Care, Transfer Care, Behavioral Health Care.