RN: Oncology Navigator

Houston, TX 77034

Job Closed


Top Reasons to Love This Job: 1. Fantastic opportunity to join a non-profit making a big difference in the Houston community 2. This is a rare opportunity to personally guide a patient through their cancer journey 3. Opportunity to step into a leadership role and hone your nursing career Top "Must Haves" For This Job: 1. BSN and a Texas nursing license 2. At least two years oncology experience and a background in navigation, education, research, case management, or similar experience 3. Knowledgeable about Houston resources for oncology patients and the ability to communicate and make connections Tell Me About This Job: A breast cancer diagnosis can be scary, isolating, and lonely. The role of the Oncology Navigator is to work alongside a patient from the point of diagnosis through their treatment process. The Navigator educates a patient on their treatment plan, aids the patient in finding sources of funding in the case that they are under or un-insured and helps the patient apply for funding if the case that they qualify. This role also documents and tracks data and provides emotional support to the patient and family throughout the treatment and recovery journey.