Medical Social Worker

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Job Closed


As an innovator in an evolving healthcare world, we have been designing business and technology solutions to drive better care, outcomes, and productivity within its own home health and hospice companies for over 20 years. In the last several years, our solutions have been successfully integrated across the healthcare continuum.


  • Master's degree or higher
  • Social Work (2+ years)
  • ANY of the following valid licenses/certifications:
    • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
    • Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW)
  • Valid Regular Driver License (DL)
  • Post Graduate Social Work experience in a Health Care Setting. (1+ years)
  • Have you applied to or worked for Residential Home Health & Hospice anytime in the past 6 months?
  • Have you spoken with your Relode recruiter about this position?


As a Medical Social Worker, you will provide medical social services to patients in their place of residence in accordance with the Plan of Care. You will assist the physician and other team members in understanding the significant social and emotional factors to the health problems. Key Responsibilities ● Assess the patient and family with personal environmental difficulty in order to estimate their capacity and potential to cope with problems of daily living. ● Participate in the development of and makes suggestions to the physician for additions to the Plan of Care. ● Provide supportive casework to assist in restoring the patient to his/her optimum level of social health adjustment. ● Work with family to assist in utilization of appropriate community resources or to live within the disability. ● Participate in discharge planning and in-service programs. ● Act as a consultant with other members of the health care delivery team. ● Assist client and family in understanding, accepting, and following, medical recommendations and provide services planned to restore the patient to optimum social and health adjustments within patient’s capacity. ● Observe, record, and report social and emotional changes. ● Assist in preparation of periodic reports sent to the physician and third-party payers regarding care given. ● Provide liaison contact and follow up with other community agencies. ● Coordinate services with agencies or facilities already involved with client and family. ● Coordinate referrals to other community agencies as indicated. ● Participate in staff and Agency development activities. ● Maintain and update professional competency through in-service attendance and similar professional resources. ● Participate in in-service, case conferences, and staff meetings as required. ● Assist in development and revision of the physician’s Plan of Care. ● Submit assessments and progress notes in a timely manner, as required by Agency policy. ● Supervise Social Worker Assistant according to Agency policy. ● Maintain adequate clinical and progress notes and submits all required paperwork in a timely manner according to Agency policy. ● All other duties as assigned by supervisor. Schedule and Shift Details ● The work schedule and shift expectations are based on assigned caseload. Employee will be required to drive daily for meetings and/or visits to residential homes. Travel ● Employee will be required to drive daily for meetings and/or visits to residential homes.