Senior Engineering Manager/ Machine Learning


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Founded in 2015, we are a voice, video and text app that helps friends and communities come together to hang out and explore their interests - from artists and activists, to study groups, sneakerheads, plant parents, and more. With 150 million monthly users across 19 million active communities, called servers, we have grown to become one of the most popular communications services in the world. We were built without selling ads or user data and instead, offers a premium subscription that gives users special perks like higher quality streams and fun customizations.


**Important Job Details** - Although this job is fully remote the client prefers someone local to the San Francisco area* - Must have experience working for a high growth technology/ saas product company* Required skills and experience: *You have 5+ years of experience as a Software Engineer. *You have 5+ years of experience as an Engineering Manager and successfully managed a team of 5+ Software Engineers and Technical Leads or Managers. *You're a mentor, storyteller, and you're great at coordinating with a variety of teams throughout the company. *You excel in undefined environments and get excited about finding solutions to complex technical challenges, and then building them. *You enjoy coming up with pragmatic solutions to concrete problems using first principles thinking. *You've worked with complex distributed machine learning systems deployed at scale. *You keep up with the industry trends and continuously identify new tools to use to solve technical problems. What you need to know: *Build and operate the tools we use as well as the infrastructure to label data, create features, train, evaluate and serve both online and offline models. *Build and lead a team of highly-engaged engineers by hiring, coaching, and instilling a sense of ownership and impact. *Build the vision and roadmap for the Machine Learning team by working with your team and partners across the company. *Manage processes and use your technical expertise to continually ensure that your team achieves extraordinary results. *Work with other Engineering Managers to continuously improve the *Engineering organization and uphold our workplace philosophy. Additional job details: -Experience with ML libraries/frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras or XGBoost -Experience with modern cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services -Experience working with modern data technologies (Spark, Hive, Kafka, Beam, or Airflow) -Experience hiring for fast-growing startups


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