Regional Operations Manager

Denver, CO 80221

Job Closed


Offers comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic services including in-office procedures, pelvic support treatment, and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Our physicians deliver more than babies ~ they deliver skilled, compassionate care for every stage of a woman’s life. Founded in 1994, Specialties include: gynecology, obstetrics, annual exams, birth control, endometriosis, holistic fertility, midwifery, lgbtq+ care, sti screening, infertility, prenatal care, preventative care, overactive bladder, postpartum care, prenatal care, hormone therapy, Adolescent Gynecology, menopause, preconception wellness, ultrasound, primary care services, physicals, and hormone imbalances


Required skills and experience: • Excellent managerial and supervisory skills. • Extensive knowledge of operations and clinic management. • Ability to interpret financial data as needed to set goals. • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Proficient in use of Excel • Proficient in use of a Project management tool • Proficient in medical billing operations, patient flow process and RCM. • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Business Administration, or related field required; M.B.A. preferred. • Certification through the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) preferred. • Five years of related experience required. Interview process: 1. Microsoft Teams video interview 2. Interview with the VP 3. Possible follow up video or onsite with more team members Additional job details: Supervisory skills: • Hires and coordinates training for new office managers. • Covers interim for DoU and DoN when out or as needed for coordination of coverage • Conducts performance evaluations that are timely and constructive for Office managers, DoU, and DoN. Will assist Office managers, DoU, and DoN as requested for difficult staff reviews or training purposes. • Handles discipline and termination of employees as needed and in accordance with company policy. Duties: • Oversees OM, DoU and DoN and sites for daily operations in a particular geographic region • Oversees regional mammography and urology practices • Works closely with regional providers assisting with providing resources to ensure all practices deliver high quality and efficient care to patients • Improves regional processes, policies, and practices so as to achieve company’s goals and ensure regional locations adhere to company-wide laid down rules and guidelines • Works hand-in-hand with top management in order to develop and implement new plans/ideas that will enhance the operations of the company at large • Measures productivity by analyzing performance data, financial data, and activity reports. • Coordinates with other support departments such as human resources, finance, and clinical staff to ensure successful clinic operations. • Determines labor needs to meet production goals. • Assists with budget preparation for operations unit. • Coordinates with marketing on initiatives, portal functions, and patient engagement endeavors with the approval of CEO. • Review direct medical supply costs to ensure profitability • Research and develop ancillary revenue stream projects for the practice • Familiar with Chapter 2, 20, 22 for life fire and safety as well as FGI guidelines for Surgery Centers, and Birth center facilities. • Review and add CLIA laboratory testing to our clinic offering • EHR administrator


Full Benefits