Administrator - Times Square

New York (NYC), NY 10036

Job Closed


We are aware that there is an overwhelming need for mass-scale testing in order to safely get back to sport and work! Understanding that time is of the essence, DFSI is able to offer COVID-19 antibody and viral testing for asymptomatic and symptomatic individuals. We offer the convenience of on-site group or self-administered collections, experienced collectors, collection supplies and laboratory analysis. As an expert in third party testing administration with a nationwide collection network, DFSI is prepared to meet your COVID-19 testing needs. We look forward to assisting you as soon as possible. If you would like more information regarding our COVID-19 testing, please fill out the form below.


Additional Job Details: Location: 20 Times Square, 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10036 Hours: 7am – 7pm Clinic Dates: Monday - Sunday Staff Needs: 2-3 Admins for a rotating schedule is ideal. Relevant Job Updates: ***NO INDEED RESUMES*** Interview Process: - no interviews - Because of this you will have to closely manage your candidates and make sure they are fully vetted and aware of the opportunity. If they are not fully informed and spoken with on the phone we will not move forward. Basic Qualifications: - healthcare background preferred. - previous administrator work. - They will need someone who is able to do a little bit of everything. - If the nurses need anything they will go and get it for them. Just need someone who can come in and do task that are assigned to them.