User Experience (UX) Designer


Job Closed


This IT company simplifies JavaScript development and UX design. We teach people how to create amazing web apps, the right way. After years of solving complex front-end engineering problems, we know what works and what doesn't. And we've baked that experience into our tools, consulting, and training.


  • Bachelor's degree or higher
  • UX Design (5+ years)


Required skills and experience: Technical UX/ Product Design Experience *5+ years UX experience *User experience processes (as noted in Key functions and responsibilities section) *Proficiency in current prototyping software (Axure, Balsamiq, etc) *Proficiency in current design tools (Figma, Sketch, etc) *Eye for detail Design Experience *Creating and working from style guides and/or design languages *Writing and maintaining clear documentation *Strong understanding of: -Design principles -Color theory -Typography -Information design -UI standards Other skills *Self-motivated – Great on a team or a team of one, in-person or remote *Collaborative – Works well with team members and clients *Superb verbal and written communication. Able to communicate synchronously or asynchronously and still be clear in their messaging *Ability to give clear, insightful presentations *Adaptability and willingness to learn new skills, software, etc Organized *Approach projects/problems from different perspectives *Demonstrates analytical thinking/approach to projects *Problem solver, but not afraid to ask for help after trying to find a solution


Professional Development Opportunities Full Benefits 401(k)